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Fall Schedule & COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan


American Heritage plans to re-open Tuesday, September 8, 2020 with our new 4+1 Schedule, with 4 days in person and 1 Family Flex Day every Friday.  That means Fridays are virtual days, with all grades working from home.  Friday assignments will be given to students on the prior Monday, giving them the whole week to ask question, prepare, and to even get the work done ahead of time.  We will be encouraging American Heritage themed, family activities as homework for Fridays, in addition to a math and reading/language lesson.

COVID-19 Plans

The excitement about returning to school comes with some uncertainty as the Pandemic continues.  We are closely monitoring local community spread and public health conditions.  We will be implemented a number of health and safety measures to help keep our students, staff, and patrons safe at school.  We also have a series of contingencies in the event that we are forced to conduct school with ALTERNATING DAY SCHEDULES to help with social distancing, or even an ALL VIRTUAL delivery of instruction.  

To learn more about our COVID-19 Re-opening Plans, please check out the links below:

Letter to Families re: COVID-19 Plans

Procedures and Policies for Re-Opening

Frequently Asked Questions


Parents who simply want to have their students enroll in our virtual-only program for the Fall should click here by August 10 to enroll in our Virtual Session.



The AHCS Board of Directors will hold its Regular Meeting on August 6, 2020 via Zoom video Conference at 7:30 pm.


Our vision and mission is to

"Create Patriotic, Educated Leaders"

Our Curriculum

Building Americans

E.D. Hirsch wrote in his book, In The Making of Americans, that there are two central reasons for public education in America:  (1) to create social mobility, allowing bright, hard-working students of all backgrounds to have the opportunity of the American dream; and (2) to create social cohesion, binding children of diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds into citizens of a single nation. 

We celebrate the diversity of cultural backgrounds that have been brought together into the great American melting pot; and we strive to focus on the uniquely American ideals, history, culture, and Constitutional principals that bind us together as a nation. 

Guided by this Vision, our Board of Directors and staff take great care to research and utilize curricular materials that will afford our students the greatest possible educational advantage. All of the curriculum and materials used comply with content standards established by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Get to know the foundation of our curriculum, right from the source.

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