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AHCS is committed to keeping our families and staff informed and safe as we get through 2020 and the global pandemic.  Currently, classes are occurring onsite, as scheduled, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Thursday, with Virtual Family Flex Days on Fridays.

We recommend that all students and staff wear masks when they are not able to socially distance.  We discourage and will generally not allow visitors into the building without special permission from the Principal.  If you need to come to the school, please call and make an appointment.  If you're dropping something off for your student, please call and the School Secretary will meet you at the door to take care of your needs. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email or submit a comment through the following Survey here:


To learn more about our COVID-19 Re-opening Plans, please check out the links below:

Letter to Families re: COVID-19 Plans

Procedures and Policies for Re-Opening

Frequently Asked Questions

Fridays at American Heritage are a Family Flex Day.  That means Fridays are virtual days, with all grade levels working from home.  Friday assignments will be posted on Friday mornings, but they won't be due until the following Friday, giving students time to work on them over a weekend and still be able to ask their teacher questions during the following week. 

This change is based on comments and suggestions we have received from our parents and students, and we believe this change will reduce the pressure and stress on some of our younger students, and allow teachers to play a more active role in working individually with students to help them overcome any obstacles they encounter. 

Our vision is to empower students by teaching them how to learn, take ownership of their learning, and further develop individual responsibility. Equally important, we want to give our parents flexibility on Fridays to be able to supplement in-school learning with family learning activities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email your teachers or contact the school at (208) 529-6570.


American Heritage will no longer have late-start Mondays.  With a Change to District 91's late start schedule, American Heritage has changed its schedule to conform to our busing contract with District 91.  That means no late start Mondays.  School will begin at 8:30 am, Monday through Thursday, with virtual Fridays (kids work from home on Fridays).

Virtual Registration through PowerSchool for all New and Returning Students

New students who are admitted through the enrollment lottery, or who become eligible for an open seat must complete and submit the Registration forms before enrollment. Students in Grades 6-12 must also select elective classes, by contacting Mr. Rose at


Click HERE for more information about the AHCS School Lunch Program or to apply for Free and Reduced Meals.



The AHCS Board of Directors will hold a regular Meeting at 6:30 pm on October 8, 2020 at 1736 S. 35th W. in the Liberty Lounge in the basement of the High School Building and via Zoom at


Our vision and mission is to

"Create Patriotic, Educated Leaders"

Our Curriculum

Building Americans

E.D. Hirsch wrote in his book, In The Making of Americans, that there are two central reasons for public education in America:  (1) to create social mobility, allowing bright, hard-working students of all backgrounds to have the opportunity of the American dream; and (2) to create social cohesion, binding children of diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds into citizens of a single nation. 

We celebrate the diversity of cultural backgrounds that have been brought together into the great American melting pot; and we strive to focus on the uniquely American ideals, history, culture, and Constitutional principals that bind us together as a nation. 

Guided by this Vision, our Board of Directors and staff take great care to research and utilize curricular materials that will afford our students the greatest possible educational advantage. All of the curriculum and materials used comply with content standards established by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Get to know the foundation of our curriculum, right from the source.

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American Heritage Charter School Reopening Plan.  Definition of Community Spread for American Heritage Charter School. Low/No Spread * (CDC Category 1- No Community Spread) Minimal/Moderate Spread * (CDC Category 2- Minimal to Moderate Community Transmission) Substantial Spread *(CDC Category 3- Substantial Community Transmission) Evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission, case investigations underway, no evidence of exposure in large communal settings like healthcare.

COVID Re-Opening Plan

American Heritage will start school on September 8 with our planned 4+1 schedule, which is regular sessions, Monday through Thursday and the Virtual Family Flex Fridays, where kids will be working from home (see note above). We are closely monitoring local community spread and public health conditions. 

Letter to Families re: COVID-19 Plans

Procedures and Policies for Re-Opening

Frequently Asked Questions

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