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Administration and Staff

Jim Dalton, Board Executive Director, General Counsel
Angela Lords, Business Manager & Child Nutrition Director
Josh Siquerios, I/T Administrator 
Samarra McGary, Elementary Secretary, Nutrition Manager & Reception
Julianna Bringhurst, Middle School Secretary & Reception
Jenni Jensen, High School Secretary & Reception 
​Jill Dalton, Payroll Clerk 
Simone Wood, School Cook
Sharla Pettingill, Kitchen Assistant
Amy Sanderson-Librarian, Child Nutrition Assistant
Kyrsten Cox-Librarian
Sam Parks, Bus Driver, Maintenance Assistant, Outside Duty
Marty Pettingill, Maintenance

Elementary Teachers and Staff

Brittney Wright, Kindergarten
Rachel Gates, Kindergarten
Amanda Warner, 1st Grade
McKeilla Partridge, 1st Grade
Aimee Jones, 2nd Grade
Tiffiny Peterson, 2nd Grade
Tracie Peterson, 3rd Grade
Jennifer Mooney, 3rd Grade
Tonya Simms, 4th Grade
Alyssa Simms, 4th Grade
Kristin Wayment, 5th Grade
Leigh DeHart​, 5th Grade
Natalie Galbraith, Counselor
John Peskey, Orchestra
Rosena Hallenbeck, Music
Cody Barnette, Physical Education
Camille North, SPED Teacher
Colleen Andrus, SPED Paraprofessional
Donna Pettingill, Literacy Paraprofessional
Lisa Dalton, Title I Teacher
Adeana Stosich, Title I Paraprofessional
Tawnya Stosich, Title I Paraprofessional
Shannon Ross, Title I Paraprofessional
Leslie Ramirez, Outside Duty

Secondary Teachers and Advisers

Shawn Rose, Principal, Mathematics
Natalie Galbraith Counselor & Academic Coach
Charles Abel, History
Lauren Strong, Math
Phyllis Aycock, English
Jenna Layton, Business
Alaysha Whitworth, Science, STEM 
John Peskey, Orchestra
Jolene Harris, Middle School, Science & Math
Breanna Luker, Middle School English & Social Studies
Amy Peterson, Middle School English & Social Studies
Hillary Congdon, Middle School English & Social Studies
Cody Barnette, Middle School Physical Education
Danae Smith, SPED Teacher
Colleen Andrus, SPED Paraprofessional
Rhett Plocher, SDL Paraprofessional
Shuzu Liu, ELL Paraprofessional


2020-2021 Teacher and Staff Handbook 

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