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2022-2023 AHCS Returning Student Letter of Intent

Returning students have a guaranteed seat next year, if they give notice that they intend to return.  Students failing to return a letter of intent to re-enroll for the next year, may lose their seat to someone in the Enrollment Lottery.  To confirm your seat for next year, please complete and submit this Letter of Intent to Re-Enroll form by the Lottery Enrollment Deadline of 4:00 pm on March 31.

Admission is on a space available basis within each grade level. Students not returning will give up their seat to someone participating in the Enrollment Lottery.

Before you begin, please take note of a few things. FIRST, the Deadline for Application to participate in the Enrollment Lottery is March 31 by 4pm.

If you do not confirm your seat for next year, you may forfeit the position and your spot will be offered to the next person drawn in the lottery.  

AHCS does not discriminate on any basis prohibited by law, including but not limited to race, creed, religion, color, sex, national origin, social or economic status, ancestry, or the special needs of students.


Download a PDF copy you can print, complete, and return to the office.



Returning Student Letter of Intent


Please type the names of the parent(s) or guardian(s) completing the application.

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