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Our curriculum goes beyond developing skills and understanding in mathematics and reading.  It exposes students to a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that give students context for accelerated learning.  Classes build on one another from grade to grade so students have a solid foundation on which to build for later educational success. This wide array of subject matter will not only develop literacy, but will also build the strong vocabulary necessary for true reading comprehension.

Grades K-5

  • Social Studies & Reading - CoreKnowledge
  • Language Arts - Shurley English
  • Mathematics - Math in Focus
  • Science - FOSS Science
  • Personal Finance & Entrepreneurism - Dave Ramsey & Junior Achievement
  • Physical Education
  • Art & Music
  • Strings Orchestra (4th grade)

More to come...

Grades 6-12

Beginning in 6th Grade, teachers focus on developing 21st century skills students need to succeed in high school, college or vocational training, and beyond.  Our program includes 1-on-1 mentoring, project-based learning, and mastery-based, self-directed learning components that empower students to achieve.  Teachers lead students through a rich and dynamic, digital curriculum that students can access from anywhere.  In class, students learn concepts and demonstrate mastery of course competency through project-based curriculum in English, Science, and History.  Students study and master core content areas at their own pace, allowing advance upon mastery.  Mathematics instruction focuses on the foundations of Algebra and Geometry, with an emphasis in mathematical application that is both meaningful to everyday living and also preparatory for college and advanced mathematical thinking.

Required and Optional Electives at AHCS include the American Heritage class, Dave Ramsey personal finance & entrepreneurism, Computer Applications, strings orchestra, and a series of concentrated Expeditionary Electives that offer two-week, intensive experiential learning culminating in off-campus expeditions (field trips).  Expeditionary Electives focus on practical topics, career exploration, and lifelong learning skills.

More to come...

Our Curriculum: Building Americans

E.D. Hirsch wrote in his book, In The Making of Americans, that there are two central reasons for public education in America:  (1) to create social mobility, allowing bright, hard-working students of all backgrounds to have the opportunity of the American dream; and (2) to create social cohesion, binding children of diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds into citizens of a single nation. 

We celebrate the diversity of cultural backgrounds that have been brought together into the great American melting pot; and we strive to focus on the uniquely American ideals, history, culture, and Constitutional principals that bind us together as a nation. 

Guided by this Vision, our Board of Directors and staff take great care to research and utilize curricular materials that will afford our students the greatest possible educational advantage. All of the curriculum and materials used comply with content standards established by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Get to know the foundation of our curriculum, right from the source.

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