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Admission to American Heritage Charter School (AHCS) is by an equitable selection process, a lottery, as described in IDAPA To be considered for enrollment, please complete and submit this form to AHCS by the Lottery Enrollment Deadline of 4:00 pm on the last business day of March for next school year.

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The Lottery will be held on the first Saturday in April at 9:00 am at AHCS. Only those applications for enrollment submitted on behalf of prospective students that are received prior to the Lottery Enrollment Deadline can participate in the Lottery. Admission is on a space available basis within each grade level. Students not selected for an open seat are placed on a waiting list in the order they are drawn in the Lottery. Wait List students may become eligible for admission at a later date if a vacancy occurs in their grade level. AHCS does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, national origin, social or economic status, ancestry, or the special needs of students

The process by which students are admitted to American Heritage Charter School will be very specific and will be established in the charter, which complies with Idaho Code and all other applicable laws and regulations. The following is a brief overview of key points of the process. If you wish to review the process in its entirety, it will be available in our charter once AHCS is authorized.

Request for Admission

AHCS has proposed the following enrollment cap for the first year of operation:

  • 24 students for grades K-1 per class (currently 2 classes per grade);
  • 26 students for grades 2-3 per class (currently 2 classes per grade);
  • 28 students for grade 4 per class (currently 2 classes per grade);
  • 28 students for grade 5 per class (currently 2 classes per grade);
  • 28 students for grade 6 (currently 2 classes per grade)
  • 30 students for grades 7 per class (currently 1 class per grade)
  • 30 students for grades 8 per class (2 classes per grade fall of 2024)
  • 30 students for grades 9-12 per class (currently 1 class per grade).

A parent, guardian, or other person with legal authority to make decisions regarding school attendance on behalf of a child in Idaho must submit an Application for the Lottery, also known as a "Letter of Intent to Enroll," for said child to attend AHCS. Applications may be mailed or delivered in person to the school, scanned and e-mailed, or faxed.

Enrollment Deadline

The Lottery Enrollment Deadline is 4:00 pm on the last business day of March. After the Lottery, students are offered enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on capacity in each grade. Applicants are encouraged to confirm receipt of Letters of Intent to Enroll by calling (208) 529-6570. Once available openings are filled, applicants will be added to a waiting list.

Admissions Procedure

Admission preferences for initial enrollment of students for AHCS will use the selection hierarchy as described in Idaho Code § 33-5205(3)(j) and IDAPA

  1. First priority group: children of founders, provided that this admission preference shall be limited to not more than ten percent (10%)of the capacity of the public charter school;
  2. Second priority group: siblings of pupils already selected by the lottery or other random method;
  3. Third priority group: applicants in primary attendance area of Idaho Falls School District; and
  4. Fourth priority group: applicants outside of primary attendance area.

Applicants will receive written notification indicating whether they are being offered a seat or placed on a waiting list. Students will be required to accept or reject the offer for class placement within seven (7) days of notification.


Apply Now Online

Mail Application

STEP 1:Download and complete the application​. 

STEP 2: Print clearly and mail completed form to: 1736 S. 35th W., Idaho Falls, ID 83402 OR FAX TO: (208) 529-3344

*To be included in the lottery for the coming year, your application must be received by AHCS on or before 4 pm on the last business day of March.


For current students (i.e., children currently enrolled at AHCS), you should NOT enter their names into the enrollment lottery. All currently enrolled students will receive a letter of intent to re-enroll for the next school year in January or February of the current year. If your child will be returning for the next year at AHCS, you MUST return your signed letter of intent within the allotted time to reserve your student’s seat on the class roster. All open seats will be filled during the public enrollment lottery after the open enrollment period in April.



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